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What's New and Unusual
As RVers, we're always looking for something different or something better or something newer or something other than what we have had in the past. Call it being curios or nosy, but inquiring minds want to know what's new out there. That's what this page is all about - a little bit of new stuff, a little bit of better stuff, and a little bit of different stuff. Enjoy and check back often to keep up to date.

Here are a few things we consider 'advanced' features for RVs:
  • New layouts that reposition furniture or rearrange sections which result in more open space for the same amenities or more amenities in the same space;
  • Use of new style (or maybe even retro) furniture like U-shaped dinettes which also serve as loungers or sofas or beds to reduce the amount of furniture needed in a confined space;
  • New appliances like convection ovens in place of regular ovens underneath the cook top;
  • LED light fixtures that use less electricity, reduce heat, and extend battery life when remote camping;
  • Easy solar power hookups;
  • Intensity and color adjustable ambient lighting;
  • Flat panel televisions with good surround sound/entertainment systems and indoor/outdoor capabilities;
  • Basement air conditioners that reduce noise, reduce black streak problems caused by condensate runoff, increase fuel mileage by reducing drag, and work with other appliances to manage available power without tripping breakers;
  • Adequate internal and external storage space on trailers and Class Cs;
  • Adequate holding tank capacity - 40 gallon gray, 35 gallon black - for longer dump intervals;
  • Adjustable/removable shelves in overhead bins and cabinets;
  • Positive latches on interior doors and drawers to keep them securely closed while traveling;
  • Easy clean wood/stone/tile look flooring with optional removable non-skid carpet/rug sections;
  • Use of materials that help prevent rot, mildew, mold and delamination;
  • Design and manufacturing techniques that reduce or eliminate water leak problems;
  • Smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic RVs that save on fuel costs;
  • Better insulating qualities that reduce heating and cooling requirements;
  • Creative external looks/graphics in addition to the swirls and lines that many people still like.

If you have an item or two or three that you consider advanced, let us know at feedback@rvtopten.com.

Folding Campers

(New Layout) United Recreational Vehicles, LLP offers two very light weight RVs - a single axle trailer shown later and a popup camper shown below. Both are stylish on the outside with minimal amenities on the inside. The popup is named the iCamp Lite.

[*]  [*]
These are made in China and exported to various parts of the world.

(New Layout) Chalet XL with fold out dormer gives the folding trailer more headroom and working space.

[*]  [*]

(New Layout) TrailManor has a super lite, under 1900 pound TrailMini that comes with a back porch. Although small in size and weight, it offers enough features to satisfy the camping single or couple.

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See more at Trail Manor. Special Order Only!

Travel Trailers

(New Manufacturer) United Recreational Vehicles, LLP offers two very light weight RVs - a single axle trailer shown below and a popup camper shown above. Both are stylish on the outside with minimal amenities on the inside. The single axle trailer is called the iCamp Elite.

[*]  [*]

(New Configuration) Eddie Bauer Airstream has combined a regular coach with an open tail of a toy hauler and created a new configuration - maybe a gear hauler. Not exactly a toy hauler because it lacks a ramp, but does have fold up furniture in the back. Beyond a regular coach because you can open the tailgate, pull down the screen and enjoy a great view of the outdoors. Every year Airstream teams with a well known branded company to engineer a special edition and this is one of the best of recent years because of the larger size. Previous editions were a little on the small size even though well equipped.

[*]  [*]
[*]  [*]
Check out Airstream for further info.

(New Looks, Materials) The Galileo has an aerodynamic front end and curved side walls to make it easy for smaller vehicles to tow. Multiple lengths and floor plans are available. The coach exterior is a real eye-catcher and the interior looks very nice as well.

[*]  [*]
See more at Galileo RV.

(Outdoor Patio) Some Open Range Journeyer models, like the JT340FLR, can be equipped with an optional attached patio that can be used to bring the outdoors in or maybe the indoors out. Usually located at the dinette table, the sliding glass doors give access to a roughly 6x8 sized patio with side rails and awning. Other Open Range lines also make the patio available.
For more information, contact an Open Range dealer.

Fifth Wheels

(Outdoor Kitchen) Although the Heartland Sundance is not the only RV that has an outdoor kitchen, the camp kitchen it does have is one of the most complete by including a small refrigerator, microwave, sink, TV hookup, and a location for an outdoor burner of some sort. These kitchens are very handy for those who cook out, and having a large door to act as a cover is somewhat more convenient than a slide out implementation. On this particular model, the area above the kitchen is the bunk room for the kids complete with 4 bunks (1 trundle bed), an entertainment system, closets, and a built-in floor storage toy box.

[*] [*] [*]
For more information, contact a Heartland dealer near you.

(Lots of Amenities) Dutchmen has introduced a new toy hauler called Voltage and this one is packed with special features. The tailgate can be used as a back patio, complete with a remote controlled screen separating it from the toy bay. Within the toy bay there is a picnic table like affair with benches all around. Inside is a large wrap around dinette where you can enjoy some wine or play some dominoes across from the bar/galley area that comes with bar stools. Above the picnic area is a queen bed loft and even the bathroom is spacious and luxurious with a vessel sink. This upscale triple axle phenomenon is sure to please the most demanding toy hauler owner. This could turn into one big party wagon! See your local Dutchmen dealer or go to the Voltage site for more information.

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Class B

(Custom Approach, Safety Features) Advanced RV builds personalized motor homes on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform. They have introduced four new themes that will help their customers define that special vehicle. The Dog Handler features built-in dog crates with internal lighting, waterbeds, and advanced climate controls. The Mobile Professional is designed as a commuter-camper for a doctor who serves several hospitals, prioritizing fuel economy and remote connectivity. The Jazzman is for the customer who frequents jazz festivals where shore power hookups are scarce and Advanced RV implemented its signature “off-the-grid” setup to maximize sustainability and privacy. And the Occasional Equestrian is built to tow a horse trailer and two horses to riding competitions around the country. With the chassis featuring collision prevention assist, blind spot monitoring, and electronic stability control program, the OceanOne and Gulf Coast are some of the safest RVs on the road.

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Visit the Advanced RV website for more information.

Class C

(Good Use Of Space) Leisure Travel Vans, owned by Triple E RV, has the Unity, a Sprinter based Class C/B+ which contains a nice space saving feature they (and most other people as well) call the "murphy" bed. While not the first appearance of this type of arrangement in RVs, it is probably a first for a Class C. Electrically operated, the chairs recline and the bed comes up and out and finally down to provide a queen sized bed.

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Visit the Unity web site to see a short clip of the "Murphy" bed in action.

Class A

(New Chassis) Winnebago has begun shipping the new 25' Winnebago Via and Itasca Reyo built on the F-50 Sprinter stripped chassis with 11,030 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating(GVWR) and 15,250 Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) and powered by a Mercedes-Benz 3.0L turbocharged V-6 diesel engine. External length is 25.5 feet and width is 7.5 feet and weighs about 10,000 pounds empty. Nice looking and good mileage at around 15MPG. List price is around $135,000.

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Check it out at Winnebago.

(New Size) Thor Motor Coach has introduced two new Class A models called the AXIS and the Vegas. Based on a modified 2014 Ford E-350 chassis, these models are about 25 1/2 feet long yet have rear twin beds that make into a king bed and a drop down bed in the front above the driver and passenger seats matched with a sofa bed in a slide-out. TMC has dubbed the new models as RUVs for Recreational Utility Vehicles. They have all the amenities of a Class A and at just a few feet longer than a luxury SUV there is a debate that could be made. Add in fuel mileage and purchase price closer to the luxury SUV than the Class A, and the point is made. Both models also sport TMC's advanced embedded exterior full color high gloss technology, HD-MAX, and come in a gray or bronze tint.
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Get more information about the new RUVs from Thor Motor Coach.


(New Approach) Flatbed mounted camper called the American Hero by Northstar Campers offers more storage space than regular truck campers, but getting into this one could be a chore. Sure would hate to have to demount this at each stop for lunch or a potty break. Maybe part of the rear ladder connects for steps. But kudos nonetheless for addressing the flatbed market and providing more space in truck campers.

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